4 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From WAN Technology

Businesses and start-ups are sometimes so raring to get going that they sometimes forget the fundamentals. What’s more fundamental than getting an effective communication system in place for your business? Not much else.

Still, putting together a communications plan and implementing it, is often something many businesses overlook. And a WAN, a wide area network, is just one of those features that can help an organisation boost its productivity and efficiency, that is most often forgotten.

Not convinced as to what it could do for you? Here are more reasons why your business can benefit from implementing this type of technology in the workplace.

Software, Files and Applications

A huge advantage of introducing a WAN network into your business is the ability to cut down on the time and costs of purchasing, installing and maintaining software across your many possible workstations. With this in place you’ll only have to purchase a single licence for software, enabling you to then share it across as many computers connected to the network as you like. Furthermore, you can use the same technology to share files and applications, making data transmission and sharing much faster that it would be otherwise.

Hardware and Devices

Having to hook up a printer to one or two computers and then have other workers take turns to print is one way to slow down your business and take people away from executing other important tasks. With a WAN however, businesses can share devices across a group of computers, cutting down on the number of units they would need to purchase, thus making it much quicker to use each device.

Printers, internet phone lines and other devices are just some of the main peripherals that can be shared across a WAN, with the security and safety of using each of these controlled centrally by the main hub.

Increase Size Faster

Another huge benefit of this technology, especially when it comes to supporting your scaling efforts, is the fact that a WAN network can grow with your business as opposed to limiting it in the way other networking technologies might. Limitless in size, a WAN can cover even the largest of buildings or workspaces and accommodate many users at the same time.

Furthermore, the networking capabilities of WAN are unlikely to slow down your network nor affect the productivity or performance of its users.

Data Sharing

Last but least, what’s the biggest advantage of introducing WAN into your business? The data sharing abilities it provides.

Having the ability to synchronise and share data at rapid speeds across all facets and tiers of your business, while documents and files can also be updated simultaneously across the network, is huge. Benefits such as these mean that your employees always have access to the most recent information, even when your business is in a fast moving sector.

The benefits of founding your business on a good communications strategy and making full use of networking technology is great when it comes to your business’ overall health and success.

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