8 Key Secrets to Successful Business Exhibitions

Business exhibitions and trade shows are the ideal spaces to show off your new ideas, develop a brand following, and promote new products or services. Businesses can gain a lot from exhibiting at these events, and exhibition attendance can form a key part of your marketing efforts. But be careful – simply turning up with a few leaflets and hoping for the best won’t bring you much of a return on your investment. Keep these ideas in mind when you are planning your exhibition display and presence, and you can benefit from your attendance – not lose money.


1. Don’t Assume People Know You

Never assume that people will recognise your brand or even know you – the display stand must include graphics and logos that are clear to read and stand out. The addition of banners and other display materials makes it easier for people to see who you are and what you are offering – take a look at rollerbannersuk.com for example.

2. Make Good Use of Open Space

When you are looking at how to layout your stand and your display area, remember that open space is more welcoming and inviting than a cramped area – people are more inclined to look around the stand or come in to ask questions if it seems open and spacious.

3. Use Modern Stand Design and Materials Where Possible

If your display stand is older or your design is dated, you too look dated. You appear to be less innovative and forward facing than others. You don’t have to replace your stand every year, but you do need to make sure that most of the elements in the stand are modern and up-to-date.

4. Don’t Forget About Existing Clients

While exhibiting at a show is a great way to meet potential new clients, don’t forget about the old ones. A show is a great opportunity to reconnect with clients, meet with them and find out if their needs have changed. Email current clients to alert them to your attendance at the show.

5. Remember Less is More

A busy, overly-cluttered stand will not win you clients. Try to keep things simple while making good use of impactful design elements like banners, table displays, and screens. Too much will overwhelm people but you don’t want to do too little and fail to ignite people’s imaginations.

6. Always Keep Your Brand in Mind

While it may be tempting to go overboard with free key rings and flat screens, always keep your brand in mind and what you are trying to achieve – let this lead your display design and not the other way around. Your brand will also influence how you approach people at the exhibition, what your sales tactics are, and how you interact with potential clients.

7. Consider Effective Audio Visuals

But, again, don’t go overboard with flashing lights and video display. Technology should serve your purpose, not distract from your message.

8. Smile!

Don’t forget the benefits a great smile and a good attitude can bring. You can have the best-looking display in the show but staff it with sullen, bored-looking people and you will simply drive potential customers away.

Image courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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