Guidelines for Your Corporate Stationery

Once you have your business plan in place, your cash flowing smoothly, and the location for your new company it’s important that you have corporate stationery that has your brand, your logo, any contact information, and a variety of materials that all carry a professional and well-thought out appearance. It’s a subtle way to advertise your business and create an image that sets the tone for your business operations. Let’s review some guidelines that you should follow when working with printing companies that can accommodate your stationery needs at the office.


Consistency is the Key

Experts at printing services companies know that all of your stationery should deliver a consistent logo, colour scheme, symbols, and the information that you want to include on all of your materials. The team with which you partner can offer you excellent advice about where to place your company name, telephone numbers, and other important information that will be vital to communicating with clients, vendors, and stakeholders in your business. Ask them to maintain a consistent plan throughout your letterheads, business cards, and brochures that you intend to give to potential clients.

Less is More

You’ll want to ask your printing team to keep your business stationery simple and uncluttered so that clients can find the information that they want and need quickly and efficiently. You should use your logo or other branding symbol but remember to avoid detracting from your original purpose of informing your customer or contact about your products or services.

Colour Highlights Your Message

You’ll have a plethora of colours, textures, and styles from which to choose, so be sure to seek expert advice on your preferences. To review some of the choices available visit the website so you can actually see some samples and learn the details and prices of the materials. Your ultimate goal with your business stationery should be to deliver clear and concise information in a professional format. For added interest or to promote a special event, some of your flyers, leaflets, and brochures can carry more vibrant colours that draw attention to the material being presented.

Make Your Materials Readable

The professionals will steer you away from fancy fonts that are hard to read; it’s important that you have an attractive design that is readable rather than materials that are busy and too complicated for your audience to balance. Choose your content carefully, make sure that contact information is included, and ask your printing professionals to make the font large enough to read at first glance.

When you partner with a team of professionals for your corporate stationery needs, you’ll be able to take advantage of years of experience and talents that are both creative and dynamic. Keep in mind that the marketing materials you use will be the first impression that some clients have of your company; this is why you must present your materials in an attractive and functional package that demands attention from the reader.

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