How to Reduce Energy Consumption in a Small Business

Energy consumption is a big issue for many small businesses. Energy costs money and in times of recession, anything you can do to reduce your expenditure could make the difference between success and failure. Energy management may sound like a ‘buzz word’, but it is something all businesses need to look at if they want to improve their energy performance. So how can energy management help your business be more socially responsible at the same time as reducing the bottom line?

Go Green at Work

Going green involves more than painting the office a fetching shade of lime. You don’t even need to be a tree hugger to go green at work – although you are free to show up to the office wearing natural hemp clothing if you like. No, going green in the workplace means reducing energy consumption and therefore your carbon footprint.

Energy Management Policies

Reducing your business’s energy consumption will save a significant amount of money in the long term. Electricity, water and gas are all expensive resources, but without them it is difficult to run a business. Computers, servers, telephones and other technology equipment all need an energy supply in order to function, but figuring out where to cut corners is not always easy.

An energy management system expert such as Blue Pillar can help small businesses save energy and reduce their monthly expenditure. They will visit your business and evaluate what your energy requirements are and where you can make the most savings.

Simple Energy Saving Strategies

Whilst a detailed energy audit is the best way to make long-term savings, there are plenty of other ways to reduce energy consumption in the workplace, including:

  • Turn the lights off – Remind employees to turn lights off when they leave the room. Motion detectors are useful in this regard.

  • Switch to energy efficient light bulbs or install skylights to maximize natural light in the workplace.

  • Replace an old heating boiler with a new, energy efficient ‘green’ boiler.

  • Turn computers off at night – Don’t leave computer equipment on unnecessarily as it is a waste of energy. There are plenty of devices available to turn off electrical equipment automatically at the end of the day if your employees forget to do this.

  • Replace old desktops with laptops as they use a lot less energy.

  • Encourage employees to use public transport or car share on the daily commute.

  • Introduce a ‘working from home’ policy – Fewer people in the office means a lower energy bill and happier employees.

  • Don’t use the photocopier unnecessarily as it is a waste of energy.

  • Smaller businesses can improve their green credentials by sharing their office space with another business and thus maximizing the use of existing resources.

Educate Employees

Often, educating employees can make a huge difference. Simple things like switching lights and computers off will make a huge difference to your energy bills over time. It is also worth asking them if they have any ideas on how you can save money and do your bit for the environment – you never know, they might come up with something really inspirational!

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